Hooker’s Daily LGBT roundup, part 11.

I cover LGBT stories daily with dot429. I decided to do a daily roundup of stories I write that cover LGBT news, nationally and internationally.


Amnesty International report shows anti-LGBT violence in Africa increasing

Justice Scalia dissents on DOMA ruling, believes decision not in purview of the Court

Some Catholic leaders asking faithful to “disregard” Supreme Court decision

The end of DOMA: a breakdown

Senegal President Macky Sall denied Obama’s message that “people should be treated equally”

Tasmania passes bill allowing same-sex couples to adopt

Australia’s new Prime Minister officially endorses marriage equality

Weiner takes five-point lead over Quinn in NYC race for Mayor

Kansas politician’s plan to reinstate DOMA fails to gain support from lawmakers

Bert and Ernie’s “moment of joy” on New Yorker cover


-Chris H.

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