Hooker’s Daily LGBT roundup, part 25.

I cover LGBT stories daily with dot429. I decided to do a daily roundup of stories I write that cover LGBT news, nationally and internationally.

US Olympic Committee to add sexual orientation to non-discrimination code

Hudson Taylor of Athlete Ally speaks to students about inclusion

Demonstrators arrested in Russia, both pro- and anti-LGBT

Conservative Catholics disagreeing with Pope Francis on social issues

France’s First Lady visits with lesbian couple in South Africa

Stonewall organization assembles new statistics regarding LGB hate crimes in the United Kingdom

Mikhail Baryshnikov, dance legend, criticizes Russia’s treatment of LGBT people

Managing editor of World Net Daily writes lengthy op-ed against the “LGBT lobby”

Gay swimmer Richard Alther: President Putin is “downright hot” while criticizing the Olympic boycott

Openly gay congress hopeful Carl Sciortino comes in third

Hillary Clinton accepts award from the Elton John AIDS Foundation

Cory Booker, LGBT ally, wins New Jersey Senate seat

Openly gay news anchor Thomas Roberts will host Miss Universe in Russia despite anti-LGBT laws

France’s high court rules that mayors can’t deny LGBT couples from marrying


 -Chris H.


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