Hooker’s Daily LGBT roundup, part 24.

October 13, 2013

I cover LGBT stories daily with dot429. I decided to do a daily roundup of stories I write that cover LGBT news, nationally and internationally.

Openly gay Olympian Matthew Mitcham brings more fun music and gayness to youtube

Russian athletes participate in N0H8 campaign as the Olympic debate continues

Russia restricts Sweden and other LGBT-friendly countries from adoptions

First openly gay NCAA division II basketball player comes out in essay

European Parliament schedules meeting to discuss homophobia

Professional boxer Orlando Cruz talks about coming out

Paris, France to host 2014 Gay Games

Betty White joins GLAAD

Group to launch in support of London’s Irish LGBT citizens

Robbie Rogers to publish memoir next year titled, Coming Out To Play

Australian federal government challenges the Australian capital territory’s equal marriage law


 -Chris H.